Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Devil's Food Delight

So today for lunch I took the easy way out - the dreaded frozen box.
Wait before you click away, I did end up going a healthier route than mac & cheese or some breaded "chicken" & sides in institutionalized compartments.
I turned to Kashi.
Specifically I turned to PLANTAINS! A favorite of mine for sure.

Kashi's Mayan Harvest Bake!

Plantains, black beans, sweet potato & kale - OH MY!

Might be in a box, but the spice is right on this one.
Doesn't feel like I am short changing myself at all. The polenta & grains were a great touch! This vegan dish is full of flavor & fiber! 8 grams to be exact. Still I don't feel bloated or like I ate a fiber bar. Just pleasantly full. Certainly don't have the run down yuck feeling that some frozen "entrees" give. I feel like I had a real meal. Plus I never would have thought of adding the kale to the mix but it is great. Just barely there - not bitter like kale can be sometimes.
Also I am spending my lunch dreaming of two things....
One being the family vacation to Disney next week!

& the other is chocolate cake that is waiting at home for me!

Everyone dreams of chocolate cake now & then right?

This one at least is packed with a veggie boost added in there. One of my favorite parts of fall is pumpkins & I will try anything almost if you tell me it has pumpkin in it. When a friend mentioned that she tried a great recipe for cake that used pumpkin, I had to give it a shot. I am so glad I did. Now I feel a little less guilty having a slice knowing that I am getting something nutritious as well in each bite. Plus it adds a richness that hides the simplicity of the recipe.

Start with a standard box of devil's food cake mix.

Add in one can of pumpkin (the small can of pumpkin, not the big can of pumpkin pie stuff!) and one cup of water. Mix away & toss into a prepared pan or cupcake pans.

Use the box directions to determine the heat of the oven & how long you should leave it in, but be careful. The pumpkin will add some time. Use a toothpick to determine if it is ready or not. The toothpick shouldn't come out with a smear of wet batter on it when inserted in the middle. The texture of this cake is more fudgy than typical but you want fudge not soup.

Allow it to cool & then dive in!

I opted for just the cake itself, but I'm sure a good dusting of powdered sugar or icing layer would be splendid as well. Still I wasn't going to add on calories I didn't need. When something is good, it doesn't need extra to make it work. Then again sometimes by adding a dash of pizazz you can make a star go from shine to sparkle!

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